Published On: Tue, Feb 7th, 2023

Ukraine LIVE: Putin amasses ammunition and troops for ‘full-scale offensive at any time’ | World | News

A Russian assault aircraft covering infantrymen advancing on Bakhmut, Donetsk, has been shot down by Ukraine, the nation’s State Border Guard Service claimed.

The Russian Su-25 jet was “hit by a missile and caught fire”, according to the state border service, before crashing nearby in the eastern region of Ukraine.

Subsequent footage showed what appears to be the crash site of the military jet with smoke pouring from the scene.

“One of the border guard units opened fire with a man-portable air defence system and shot down Russia’s combat aircraft, presumably Su-25. The plane was hit by a missile and caught fire. The pilot’s fate is remaining unknown,” the State Border Guard Service said on Telegram.

They added that the aircraft had been “giving cover from the air to the infantry attacking the defence line”.

This report has not yet been verified.

Bakhmut has suffered the heaviest fighting over the past few months, with tens of thousands of Russian soldiers, mercenary fighters and pro-Russian militias mobilised to capture it.

Geolocated footage suggests the groups have taken control of villages to the north, east and south of the city, but there remains a highway in the northwest still held by Ukrainian forces.

On Sunday, a Ukrainian soldier said that Russian forces had failed to intercept Ukrainian supplies across the T0504 Kostyantynivka-Chasiv Yar-Bakhmut road west of Bakhmut and the E40 Bakhmut-Slovyansk highway north of the city.

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