Published On: Fri, Jan 20th, 2023

Mum fires nanny for giving her son, 1, tap water as she spends thousands on the toddler | UK | News

A toddler has been dubbed the most pampered child in the world after his forked out £1,000 on a solid gold dummy and fired his nanny for giving him tap water. Kasey Akram, 32, says she loves to spoil her one-year-old son, Jareem. Despite being on benefits, Kasey has managed to spend thousands on her child and claims she “can’t stop” spoiling the tot. Kasey has forked out on a £750 Versace chain and a £925 diamond-encrusted bracelet for the child.

Kasey, from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, said: “As soon as I had my little boy, my obsession changed from how I looked to focus on my son. He’s the loveliest little boy in the world and I’ve fallen out with friends over how much I’ve spent on him. I buy my clothes from Vinted so I can buy him what he wants.

“I’ll be wearing charity shop clothes while he’s wearing a £50 t-shirt and if I had the choice I would walk around naked so he could wear what he wants. Whatever he likes, he gets and if I can’t afford it I ring his dad and get the money. I’m not working at the moment, I do all this on benefits and the help of my ex-partner.”

After getting pregnant with Jareem in 2020, Kasey quickly realised she had a habit of spoiling the youngster. 

He now has an elaborate routine which sees Kasey wake up at 6am every day to make Jareem breakfast in bed.

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Kasey said: “He still wakes up five times a night and apparently I’m too soft with him but if you had a child in the middle of the pandemic you would be the same. He’s never drunk tap water in his life and I sacked my nanny because she gave him tap water.

“He’s never seen a slice of white bread in his life and what I eat he eats – he likes olives, he likes grilled peppers, everyone says he has such a refined pallet.

“He has breakfast in bed every morning. I always ask him if he gets a girlfriend when he’s older and she doesn’t like me if he’ll kick her out and he says yes – when he finally gets married his wife is going to hate me.

“His dad always says that when he turns 18 he’ll get a girlfriend and move out but I say no, we’ll have bunk beds when he’s too old to share a bed with me.

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“What Jareem wants Jareem gets – the last pair of shoes I bought myself were ninety pence Primark flip-flops and on the same day I bought him Gucci trainers.

“He likes flashing trainers but I’d never let him walk around in cheap tacky horrible trainers – if I wear Vans he wears Vans. I spent £1,000 on a solid gold dummy and he chucked it in the middle of town and lost it, I cried for three days.

“I’ve had his palm read four times in the last year which cost me £50 a time because he couldn’t speak and I wanted to know what he was into and what his favourite colour was.

“If I want to spend the money on my son that’s my choice, I don’t care if I walk around in Primark shoes as long as my prince has the best.”

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