Published On: Wed, Feb 8th, 2023

Hollywood’s biggest star cancels film plans for King Charles coronation | Films | Entertainment

Our own King has invited Hollywood royalty to his coronation on Saturday, May 6, after a blossoming new friendship with two senior members of The Firm. At 60, Tom Cruise is enjoying the greatest success of his career, following Top Gun Maverick’s supersonic $1.489billion haul at the global box office last year. It’s the biggest film of his incredible five-decade reign over Hollywood and will be followed by the upcoming final parts of his resurgent Mission Impossible franchise. The actor’s dedicated behaviour on set is notorious but he is about to break one of his biggest rules.

According to a new report today, Tom Cruise is so excited about his invitation to the royal event he is prepared to do anything to be there.

The report said: “Tom has been invited to King Charles’ Coronation and there is no way he would have ever turned it down. It is a hugely prestigious event and Tom is a real royalist…Tom has told film bosses to shut down the production on Mission: Impossible over the Coronation weekend to make sure he can attend.

“It shocked some people on the film, as Tom is so dedicated to his craft and would never ­normally deviate from his intense production schedules.”

The report in The Sun added: “Something as important — and grand — as King Charles’s Coronation is something he would not want to miss out on. It is a huge thing for Tom to be invited and he is honoured.”

The actor isn’t particularly close to Charles or Camilla, but instead has forged strong bonds with the heir to the throne. Extraordinarily, this new relationship was confirmed when Prince William and the Princess of Wales were added to a very special list.

Apparently, those closest to Tom Cruise receive a particular Christmas gift each year – a coconut cake from the star’s favourite LA bakery.

The royal couple were granted a preview screening of Top Gun Maverick in March last year, two months before the film’s UK royal premiere. On the red carpet, some eyebrows were raised when the Hollywood A-lister appeared to flout royal protocol by taking Kate’s hand as she went up the main stairs outside the Royal Albert Hall.

The royal couple clearly were not at all bothered and were seen sharing a laugh with their new superstar pal. And in December they duly received their first slices of coconut cake.

A greater shock would seem to be the notorious workaholic star taking any kind of break from his usual punishing film schedules. He famously hit headlines during the pandemic when he was recorded raging at crew members who were not rigidly following health protocol and, in his opinion at the time, endangering the tight shooting schedules.


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