Published On: Sat, Feb 4th, 2023

Flight attendant says passengers should dress ‘suitably’ for free upgrade – what to wear | Travel News | Travel

For most passengers, comfort is the main priority when flying and holidaymakers tend to opt for trainers and leggings, especially for long-haul trips. However, according to a flight attendant, travellers should “upgrade their outfit” for a chance to be bumped up to First Class. How?

A flight attendant revealed that crew members also follow this rule when they go on holiday: “It definitely helps your chances.

“When we fly, we have a strict dress code to follow. No jeans or trainers—so I always go for tight black trousers and a blazer or a dress.

“For men, chinos or trousers and a shirt are worn,” the crew member told Whowhatwear.

Another flight attendant agreed saying: “For an upgrade, it’s all about looking the part. Smart but understated.

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“You should look like you travel often. But don’t be dripping in designer clothing. It helps.

“Someone who is potentially due to get an upgrade can be knocked back if they aren’t dressed suitably.”

The crew member added that passengers should avoid “jeans, joggers and dirty trainers” at all costs as these won’t help.

Talent acquisition coordinator Fiona Nimmo advised passengers should “look good, wearing your Sunday best and smiling”.


The experts explained that for this, “dressing smart” is key and said: “While dressing in your finest clothes is no guarantee for an upgrade, a smart outfit will certainly enhance your chances of being chosen.”

As first-class passengers often dress smart, “airlines will want to ensure anyone they bump to First Class looks the part”.

However, the expert said that travellers shouldn’t “feel the need to dress in anything extravagant”.

Instead, they advised passengers “avoid items that are too casual,” especially “flip flops and cargo shorts”.

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