Published On: Mon, Jan 23rd, 2023

Devastated Colin Farrell almost quit acting after notorious flop ‘I thought I was sh**e’ | Films | Entertainment

Farrell added: “I remember someone going, ‘Oh God, it’s not good.’ And my publicist going, ‘It’s really not good…’

“They had all the printed reviews, and one after another was telling me to pack my bags, I’d been found out: Alexander the Dull, Alexander the Boring, Alexander the Inarticulate, Alexander the Weak.

“I was like, ‘Holy sh*t.’ I thought, ‘What can I do?’ I felt so much shame. I found myself in a place where with everyone I met I wanted to say, ‘Have you seen Alexander? If you have, I’m really sorry.’

The star revealed he had a complete crisis of confidence i himself, his ability and his career.

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